New Pumpkin Crafts with WoodUbend and Posh Chalk

DIY Pumpkin Crafts

Pumpkins don’t always have to be spooky, let’s take our pumpkin for example. Last week’s project may have involved trekking through a muddy field, but our pumpkin could now pass for a Faberge egg! We wanted to incorporate our WoodUbend and Posh Chalk products for this design, so it’s no wonder our pumpkin turned out looking fancy!

Ready for Pumpkin Crafts

Pumpkin Crafts with Decoupage

We started by applying the Posh Chalk Decoupage ‘Irises in Gold’ to the pumpkin but before we could do that there was a little preparation. As the decoupage paper is slightly transparent, we were required to pre-paint the side of the pumpkin in a lighter colour. This made the colours on the decoupage paper really stand out.  The plan was to keep things simple, so we separated the decoupage into a circular shape using some water and a paintbrush. If you are wanting to achieve a straight edge it is best to cut the decoupage with scissors or a craft knife. In this instance, we wanted to achieve a more rugged edge to give the piece a more organic look.


The Posh Chalk Pigment Infusor was initially created to perfect our pigment mix, however, it also works wonders when applying decoupage paper. We lathered a generous amount of Posh Chalk Infusor onto our pumpkin and gently brushed the decoupage from the centre outwards with a dry brush. The Posh Chalk Smooth and Blend Paintbrush work flawlessly to remove any unwanted creases in the paper. Once we were happy with the application, we applied another layer of Posh Chalk Infusor on top of the decoupage paper to seal it.


Applying the WoodUbend

Choosing from our 3rd Generation WoodUbend designs wasn’t easy as they’re so many fantastic designs to choose from. We decided to use the WoodUbend Moulding 2172 for the top of our pumpkin for its in-depth detail. The cleaner design from the 3rd Generation mouldings means that all our new products are clean and crisp, this is due to the improved compression method. All our new generation mouldings also come with a wooden insert which makes a perfect surface for heating and cutting. We used the MDF board within our packaging to heat the moulding until it became malleable, we then cut around the centre of the moulding so that it could be placed over the pumpkin stem.

Decoupage added to pumpkin

Uneven surfaces

Like you’d expect, pumpkins do not have the most even of surfaces. When applying both our moulding and WoodUbend Trim TR721 it was important that we applied good quality wood glue to the entire back of the surface. This is to ensure that every part of the moulding can attach to the surface. As the pumpkin has a round, uneven surface we reheated the mouldings and pressed them down until they cooled. All the WoodUbend mouldings and trims require the same simple steps. Heat, apply glue, adhere to the surface, reheat and press again! If you would like to see our newly released designs, take a look at the ‘New Fall Release’ YouTube video. 


Adding Colour

All the Posh Chalk Metallic Pastes are water-based which means they’re perfect for your pumpkin crafts! They can be applied as a thick paste or wash by simply adding a spritz of water. The Posh Chalk Pastes are available in two different consistencies, smooth and textured. Keeping up with our posh theme we chose the ‘Vintage Gold’ Textured Paste (which contains real Swarovski Crystals!)  and the Smooth ‘Pearl Gold’ Paste. We painted the darker of the two pastes at the top on the pumpkin and mouldings and the lighter one around the bottom creating an ombre effect.

We also have Posh Chalk Patinas in our range of products which are gilding waxes. The Patinas create eye-catching visual enhancements and come in a variety of colours. We used ‘Blue Fhthalo’ and ‘Primary Green’ to cover the WoodUbend moulding and trim. These colours brought out the tones in our decoupage paper and left a shiny, metallic finish.

Posh Chalk Patinas

Adding a touch of Sparkle to your pumpkin crafts

Here at WoodUbend HQ, we believe sparkle is for all seasons, including Halloween! That’s why we chose the Posh Chalk ‘Orange Gold’ Pigments to dry brush the WoodUbend moulding and trim. Dry brushing the pigments is a great way to highlight the intricate details whilst adding a touch of bling.

If you need any more reasons to use the Posh Chalk Pigments, click here to check out our recent blog post, 3 more reasons why you need to use Posh Chalk Pigments. 

Posh Chalk Pigments

All our Posh Chalk products are perfect for pumpkin crafts as they can be displayed for internal and external use. Just make sure to seal your decoupage with the Posh Chalk Infusor and you’re good to go.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for the weekend and can benefit from our tips and tricks. Personally, we don’t know what Cinderella was complaining about for all these years as I’d rate this pumpkin 5* stars if it dropped me off home from the ball!

Completed Pumpkin



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