Posh Chalk Pastes & Why You Should Be Using Them

If you follow us on social media you will undoubtedly seen me use the Posh Chalk Pastes before…and for good reason! Like the pigments we talked about last week, the Posh Chalk Pastes are seriously versatile and can be used in just about any upcycling or crafting project you can think of. Let’s take a look at some of the unique qualities of these pastes.

Posh Chalk Pastes – Decisions, Decisions

In short the choices vast, there are 18 different metallic colours and three textured pastes…we’ll come onto the differences in a bit. The point being made is that there’s some serious selection to be had, overall there’s 21 different base colours to be had. For the more ingenious amongst you, you may have worked out that you can mix colours to create a completely new one! It will take somebody a little better at maths than myself to work out how many colour combinations can be had.

So, metallic pastes and textured pastes; they’re both part of the Posh Chalk Paste family but they differ in one important way. The metallic pastes, as the name suggests, are metallic and smooth. The textured pastes, however, are chock full of real Swarovski crystals (the are Posh Chalk Pastes after all). This gives the pastes texture, but also they shimmer and glimmer as the crystals catch the light.

Posh Chalk pastes, violet metallic and vintage gold textured used with a stencil. The opened pastes can be seen in the foreground

Raise Your Game

The pastes are deliciously thick so they’re perfect for raised stencilling, especially when combined with the equally thick Posh Chalk Stencils you can quickly and easily create some amazing designs. Stencilling is hot right now, so choosing just the right product to make your stencilling stand out is important. I was going to say, “to make your stencilling pop”, but that’s a different thing entirely when it comes to Posh Chalk Pastes.

A rainbow of Posh Chalk Pastes creating a pattern with the kaleidoscope stencil

If You Can’t Stand The Heat

Heat. This is where Posh Chalk Pastes really come into their own. When the paste is still wet, if you run over it with a heat gun, it will ‘pop’. That is to say it will puff up and dry like that, creating even more depth and texture to your designs. As the pastes contain essential oils too, they smell lovely with the introduction of a little heat. Each colour has a different scent too! If you’ve popped your pastes but want to tone it down a little, then you can simply squish it back down again with a palette knife, to create a textured look.

Gold Posh Chalk Pastes popped after being pushed through a stencil. There are unopened pots of the pastes placed around

Posh Chalk Pastes Are All-in-one

Yep. They’re an all-in-one product, this means that when your done – you don’t need to do anything else to them. They can be left to cured over a day or so and there you have it! A perfect looking (and smelling) project with no need for expensive extras like waxes. This doesn’t mean you can’t add anything to your pastes though, if you want to stretch them out a little and water them down into a paint or even a wash, you can do. If you make a mess? Don’t worry, they’re water based and will clean right up whilst wet.

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