How to repair broken WoodUbend mouldings

How to repair broken WoodUbend mouldings


Hello guys!


I want you to imagine something…


You’ve just finished a masterpiece. It’s breathtaking, amazing, light shines down from the sky and music plays in the background whenever you admire it. It must be shared with the world! You set up your camera but before anyone can witness your talent….SNAP…it breaks.


Been there, done that! 


Well, not exactly. I did not ruin one of my masterpieces, but once while showing a beautifully finished moulding, it broke right in front of my audience during a Facebook live. Check out the video, we still laugh about that day!




As you can tell after watching the video, my demonstration fiasco had a better ending than the one I had anticipated. There and then, in front of the same audience that had gasped when my moulding broke into bits, I brought it back to its original glory. And it only took minutes!


After I repaired the moulding and repainted the area with our fabulous Posh Chalk pigments it was impossible to tell that just moments before it had snapped into three pieces.


That’s what is so amazing about WoodUbend mouldings. Not only can you make amazing projects, but they are completely repairable. With heat, glue, and a little sanding you will never see the scar. 


So how do you repair a broken Woodubend moulding? Simple! Let me give you the step by step guide.


Step by step guide to repairing broken WoodUbend mouldings.


  1. Warm up both ends of the broken moulding.


How to repair broken WoodUbend mouldings


2. Apply a coat of wood glue to warmed edges and place the ends together.


How to repair broken WoodUbend mouldings


3. Warm again and continue holding until cooled down.


How to repair broken WoodUbend mouldings


4. Sand any rough areas, or dried glue.


How to repair WoodUbend mouldings



 Voila! Like it never happened. 


How to fix broken WoodUbend mouldings


PRO TIP: When repairing very large mouldings, as the one shown on the video, I recommend letting them sit for a least 24 hours to allow the glue and the moulding to bond tightly.


I know that many of my lovely stockists around the world can find it hard to put a retail value to a broken moulding, even if fixing it is a piece of cake and it does not affect the quality of the mouldings. Therefore I want to share with you an alternative in the chance you end up with a few pieces of broken mouldings. 


Take a look at this Big Ben inspired art created using broken WoodUbend mouldings. The genius behind this wonder is artist Chris Leloudis one of our visiting art teachers. 






Isn’t this marvelous!! Broken pieces turned into entirely unique adornments. 


And here is one of my projects where I repurpose moulding scraps. Never, never throw away any pieces of moulding leftover from any of your creations. 



There you have it, my bendy friends. Do not cry over spilled milk or broken mouldings. With WoodUbend the possibilities are endless. 


Have you repaired your WoodUbend mouldings before? Have you used them as they were or encouraged your customers to do so? Share it with me!


As always, please share your WoodUbend Projects. I love seeing how your creative mind works! Please tag WoodUbend on Instagram or on Facebook @WoodUbend


Happy WoodUbend and Posh Chalking




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